Mansfield vase

Mansfield Butterscotch Vase

The art deco influenced vase is marked “Mansfield” on the bottom (see below). It is a molded piece, suggesting mass production, but, we have still not found a match for the mark. The clay is pure white, porcelain like, but not fired to that level.

Mansfield vase bottom
Mansfield vase bottom

We suspect that this vase may have come from the Mansfield porcelain company, Perrysville, OH. Makers of high quality porcelain bathroom fixtures ( The clay color and heavier nature of the piece, makes a case for this, but it is just a guess.

8 inches tall.

As with many pieces we study, it would seem there should be more examples to compare this piece with, but few (like none) have been found. It appears to be a full-on production piece, so where are the others?

If you have an idea, let us know in the comments below.

Thank you – Only Clay

Edit 10-5-2023:

See comments below for two additional examples.

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