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Allen Lerner Pencil Cup side 1

The Lerner Vase or Cup

A Small Cylinder Vase by Alan Lerner We acquired this vase back around 2004 from an on-line auction. This was purely an “I like that” purchase. We had no idea when or where it was […]

Pottery and Ceramics Terms and Definitions

Hairline – Hairline cracks usually show up as dark gray lines on the surface of a piece. These cracks go through to the inside where they also show up as dark lines. They are most […]

Unknown Tin Glazed Plate Research Subject

Tin Glazed Plate or Dish with Human Subject

A Mystery This tin glazed plate has refused to be classified or identified for over 10 years. The front colors of the plate have always caused some suspicion while the back is convincing. The colors […]