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Unknown Tin Glazed Plate Research Subject

Tin Glazed Plate or Dish with Human Subject

A Mystery This tin glazed plate has refused to be classified or identified for over 10 years. The front colors of the plate have always caused some suspicion while the back is convincing. The colors […]

Mansfield vase

Mansfield Butterscotch Vase

The art deco influenced vase is marked “Mansfield” on the bottom (see below). It is a molded piece, suggesting mass production, but, we have still not found a match for the mark. The clay is […]

Matt Yellow Vase With W mark

Yellow Vase Marked “W.”

We have had this vase for several years and it still defies identification. It is beautifully made of porcelain. The matte yellow glaze has highlights of grey, blue and tan. The mark on the bottom […]