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Robinson Ransbottom Stoneware Heron Jardiniere - jardiniere brushedware brushware brush ware redwing
Picasso Jug - picasso jug pitcher
Brown County Figurine - brown county figurine
Green Yellowware Bowl - yellowware yellow ware yelloware bowl green
Early RumRill (by Red Wing) - RumRill ferner 358 vase rum rill
Early RumRill Vase (by Red Wing) - rumrill snowdrop red wing
Half Gallon Peoria Pottery Crock Albany Slip - peoria stoneware albany slip
Black and Green drip vase - unknown black green vase
Green yellow urn shaped vase - urn vase green matte matt
RumRill (by Red Wing) Renaissance Group - RumRill Renaissance Group 528
Simone Larrieu 1920 Cubist Vase - simon larrieu cubist deco
Zanesville Stoneware Console Bowl #864 - Zanesville Stoneware 864
Unknown Early Hand Built Vase - vase unknown
White Unknown Stoneware Vase (Brush McCoy?) - Unknown vase white Brush McCoy
Hull Lion Head Jardiniere 6in. - hull lion head jardiniere
Unknown Green Vase (J. B. Cole?) - unknown green vase Lorenzo Wrenn Cole frog skin gun metal
McCoy Art Deco Vase - mccoy matte yellow art deco
Brush Princess Line planter - princess line brush planter
Niloak Pink and Green Pitcher - niloak ewer pink and green ozark dawn
Early Art Deco Jardineire - mccoy jardineire deco art
Small Cabinet Urn - camark urn red semi matte
Bretby CLANTA vase - Bretby CLANTA vase European English
Pickard China bud vase - Pickard China bud vase 1940 1950
Muncie Ruba Rhombic art deco vase matte white over blue - Muncie Ruba Rhombic Rombic art deco vase Reuben Haley matte white blue
Green Handled Ring Vase - McCoy Ring Vase Green
Gloss Blue Vase #26 - Zanesville Stoneware #26
Sebastiano Maglio Hand Thrown Vase (signed) - Sebastiano Maglio modern
Michael Jenson Vase - Michael Jenson Voulkos pottery vase
Weller Roma Bowl - roma weller bowl
Zanesville Stoneware #576 - zanesville stoneware 576
Large Haeger Pottery Urn with Bronze Glaze - urn bird handles haeger large
Burley Winters 3F - Burley Winter handled
Large Vintage Haeger vase - green vase Haeger
Hull Pretzel Jar (no lid) - hull pretzel jar alpine
Small Weller Greenbriar Vase - Greenbriar Weller vase
Hand Painted Bavarian Rose Vase - numbered 22905 hand painted vase
McCoy Wall Vase - McCoy wall pocket vase
Green McCoy Stoneware Bowl - shell bowl mccoy
Abingdon Deco Vase - Abingdon handled vase
McCoy Red Ring Vase, Handled - ring vase mccoy red
Brush McCoy Tab Handled Jardiniere - mccoy blue jardiniere
Tab Handled Onyx Jardiniere - mccoy jardiniere planter onyx
Early McCoy Stoneware Tumbler - Hand Painted (Probably Factory) - mccoy tumbler stoneware
Early McCoy Stoneware Tumbler - mccoy tumbler stoneware
McCoy Stoneware Vase - mccoy vase white
McCoy Jug - mccoy jug matte blue
McCoy Bird Ashtray - ashtray mccoy bird
McCoy Bird Ashtray - mccoy bird ashtray
McCoy Blended Glaze Jardiniere - mccoy jardiniere blended glaze onyx
McCoy Elephant Low Bowl - elephant low bowl mccoy
Ponytail Girl - Eames, Modern, ceramic, Deco,
Shape #0 Jardiniere - zanesville stoneware shape 0 jardiniere
Small Hampshire Pottery Pitcher - hampshire JST Co
Standard Glaze Jug - high gloss standard glaze jug 23 4 handle
Early McCoy Stoneware 2 Handled Vase - McCoy stoneware vase 2 handle handled two
Carillon China (General Ceramics?) Vase - carillon general ceramics vase.
Zanesville Stoneware Bucket #845 - bucket zanesville
Zanesville Hand Thrown Shape B3 Vase - B3 zanesville vase
Zanesville Stoneware Flower Bowl - Zanesville Stoneware flower bowl yellow
Zanesville Stoneware Vase #230 - zanesville stoneware vase 230
Snuff Jar Marked - pittsburgh pa salt glaze jar crock
Zanesville Stoneware vase Shape #8 - zanesville stoneware vorosa #8 vase
Zanesville Stoneware vase #330 - zanesville Stoneware 330
McCoy Strap Vase - strap vase mccoy white gloss
Weller Crystalline Vase - weller crytalline vase
Brush McCoy Musical Jug - music jug musical brush mccoy
Monmouth Arts and Crafts Vase - arts and crafts monmouth
5" Green swirl pot - Bauer Flowerpot swirl
Classic Matte White Handled Vase - matte white vase handles stangl
Roseville 549-4 Flower Pot Matte Green - roseville matte green pot
5" Gladding McBean El Patio Flowerpot - Gladding McBean El Patio flowerpot
Unknown Yellow Ware Vase - unknown vase
Unknown Arts and Crafts Vase Marked W - vase unknown
Fantastic Studio Pottery?, 1912 - Studio Grand Feu R.M.H.
Irridescent Glaze by French Ceramist Lucien Brisdoux - Lucien Brisdoux French ceramist
Unknown Studio Stoneware Jar - stoneware js jj jar irises
Niloak Shape, not Bauer or Niloak - Blue pottery Bauer Niloak
Early Haeger Bowl - Haeger bowl arts crafts
Unknown Pink Vase with Elephant Handles - elephant vase pink
Cute little Hi-fire Flowerpot - Bauer Hi-fire Flowerpot Mini
Ravelli pottery from Holland - Ravelli Holland tile figurine vase bowl keramobiel vaas tegel
Heager 1934 World Fair Vase - greanium leaf haeger worlds fair
Hand Painted Bowl - Information Please - unknown bowl hand painted
Small Fraunfelter China Pot (open salt?) - fraunfelter green flower pot
West Germany Mini Vase - w-germany 589-10
Early Hull Stoneware Jardiniere w/ experimental glaze - Hull jardiniere stoneware
Art Deco RumRill Vase in Soft Pink - RumRill Deco vase
Red Wing Magnolia Group Pitcher - Red Wing Magnolia pitcher
Red Wing Magnolia Group Bud Vase - Magnolia Group Red Wing bud vase
Beautiful Curdled Glaze Mystery Vase - pottery glaze
12" Roseville Tuscany Vase - Roseville Tuscany pottery
China Painted? Alamo #702 blank - Alamo china painted 702 decal poppy
Small Handthrown Bowl - Handthrown Bowl, Sailing Ship, Studio
Arts & Crafts Vase - unknown vase arts and crafts
Large Monmouth Pottery Vase - Monmouth periwinkle vase blue
Arts and Crafts Mystery Glaze - Arts and Crafts pottery green rust
Early Drip Camark Pieces - Wanted Camark Drip
BAUER????? - bauer pottery unknown california
Unknown Weller Vase - Weller Greenbriar Handmade
Beautuful Italian Modern Art Bottle - Modern Art bottle ceramic Italian
Danish Modern? West Germany? - european danish germany copper metallic
Expertly thrown and Glazed Studio Vase - pottery studio Bauman Bowman
Large Hibiscus? Pillow Vase - hibiscus vase large
Heavy Biblical Sculpture - ceramic sculpture studio bibical
J Rothrock Vase - vase rothrock hand painted
Romanian Vase - Romanian vase
Brush-McCoy Musical Pierced Jug - Brush McCoy Misical Jug
Small Nicodemus Jug - nicodemus rutile jug small marked
Hand Painted Romanian Rooster Bowl - romania bowl hand painted roosters
Cornelison Pottery Three Handle Strawberry Pot - cornelison strawberry pot
Large Bauer Cal Art Vase - Bauer Cal Art Pottery White
Large Studio vase - Bastien Miles Studio Pottery
Unknown Stoneware Vase - unknown vase burlap
Trenton Art Pottery Planter - Trenton Art Pottery planter
Gort China Cabinet Vase - Gort vase porcelain
Carillon Ware Vase - carillon ware vase
Roseville 549-4 Flower Pot - roseville 549-4 flower pot turquoise
Monmouth Two Handle Vase - monmouth handles vase matte blue
Small McCoy Jardiniere - White McCoy jardiniere 570 usa
Small Turquoise Drip Vase - M circle toothpick vase drip
Roseville 550-4 Jardiniere Turquoise - roseville jardiniere turquoise
Brush Bud Vase McCoy - brush bud vase white high gloss
Vase Signed Lerner - Lerner spill vase
Artistic Pottery Co. Vase - Artistic California
Hull Lion Head Jardiniere 4 in. - Hull lion head jardiniere
Early Hand Built Vase - ohio deco arts and crafts
Rookwood shape 6545 1945 production vase - rookwood 6545 green vase celadon
Weller Wild Rose Pitcher - Weller Wild Rose pitcher
Early Haeger *Spade Vase* - flambe green haeger spade arts crafts
Early Peach Agate Bud Vase - haeger peach agate bud vase
Black Carnation Jar - black carnation vase jar
Phil Morgan Vase - Hand Painted - Hand Thrown - phil morgan vase hand panted
Azure Crystalline Vase - Signed - crystalline glaze azure RR conjoined S-16-13
Black Swan (and vase) Cliftwood? - Black Swan Red Wing Cliftwood 259
Hull Stoneware Jardiniere - Hull stoneware
Cliftwood Vase #117 - Cliftwood pottery glaze
Blue and White Jug - blue and white jug Dutch Delft
Eared Arts and Craft Vase - fawn arts and crafts brush mccoy
Rumrill Pottery - Vintage Rumrill Pitcher
Large Planter Not Hull But Who? - Hull Planter pottery
Exquisite Bright Yellow over Blue Camark Cabinet Vase - Camark pottery cabinet
Earlam 517-5.5 Vase in Tourmaline Glaze - roseville tourmaline earlam 517
Carnelian Drip Fan Vase shape 52 - Carnelian roseville fan vase 52
1932 Fullerton J.C. Student Pottery - Fullerton J.C. pottery
Small Iris 2 Handled Jardiniere 647-3 - roseville iris 647-3
Montacello 555-4 2 Handled Vase - montacello roseville 555
Handthrown Vase signed Grissette - Studio Grissette pottery
Lily Bud Vase - Lily Bud Vase
Ashtray - ashtray pottery porcelain smoking stand
Stoneware Syrup Pitcher - red wing uhl syrup pitcher
Strange Arts & Crafts Jardiniere - arts crafts jardiniere
Two Handled Ivory Bowl - Ivory pottery
Square Indian Chief Vase - indian vase square HP hand painted 8445
Burley Winter Brushed Ware Vase - Burley Winters Brushed Ware
LCT Signed Bowl - Studio LCT Tiffany pottery
Turquoise Rosebud Batter Bowl - Coors pottery Rosebud Batter Bowl
Studio Pot signed Ln - Studio pottery Ln
Early Hull Stoneware Jardiniere - Hull Stoneware jardiniere
Early Hull Stoneware Jardiniere - small miniture jardiniere hull blue red turquoise
Early Hull Stoneware Vase - Hull stoneware blue red turquoise vase
Early Hull Stoneware Vase - Hull stoneware vase blue turquoise red
McCoy Rustic Line Wall Pocket - McCoy wall pocket rustic line
Stoneware Designs West Vase - modern mid century
Ceramic Arts Studio Miniture Creamer Deco - ceramic arts studio madison wisconsin creamer deco Betty Harrington
Pfaltzgraff Vase - pfaltzgraff vase blue york
BAUER -Early Matte Green Glaze #1 Venus Vase - Bauer Venus vase California pottery early
Brush McCoy Glo-Art bud Vase - Glo-Art Brush McCoy bud vase
Monmouth Pottery Deco Vase - deco step monmouth vase
Monmouth Pottery Bowl - Monmouth Pottery Bowl step handle
Brush McCoy Kolorkraft Vase - kolorcraft brush mccoy vase amaryllis
Latter ZSC bowl - ZSC zanesville stoneware bowl ribbed
Folk Art Face Vase or Jug - head vase folk art face jug
Celedon and White Studio Vase - Pel celedon vase
Funky Heager Space Age Vase - Heager eames era vase large
Pacific Stoneware (Bennett Welsh) Vase - bennet welsh pacific stoneware
Matte Green Handled Jug - handled jug matte green
Zanesville Stoneware Low Bowl - zanesville stoneware green 78
Zanesville Zasco Flower Bowl - zanesville stoneware zasco flower bowl
Shawnee Deco Vase - shawnee deco vase
Unknown Organic Volcanic Glaze Vase - natzler treble cleft ampersand mark volcanic
Zanesville Matte Green Jug - zanesville stoneware vase jug
Zanesville Tulip Jardiniere - zanesville stoneware tulip 752 jardiniere
Peters and Reed - peters and reed sprig standard glaze dawn
Hand Painted Bowl - hand painted bowl
Seldon Bybee Handled Vase - Seldon Bybee 2 two handled vase butterscotch pumpkin
Weller Ting with Foo Dog Handles - Weller Ting Pottery Foo Dog
Deco Leaf Vase - leaf vase deco
Tiny Oklahoma Made Flower pot, not Frankoma - Oklahoma pottery Chickasha Frankoma
Rare Fleuron N. Tonawanda N.Y Vase - Fleuron, North Tonawanda New York
Blue-White Mottled Glaze Brush Vase #502 - 502 Brush mottled glaze vase
RRPCo Stoneware Brushed Ware Bowl - RRPCo Stoneware Brushed Ware Bowl
Early Brush-McCoy Console Bowl - Brush McCoy Console Bowl Matte Green
Brush Princess Line Compote - Brush Princess Line Compote
Haeger Deco Bubble Vase - Haeger Deco Bubble Vase Pink
Trenton Pottery Vase? - Trenton blue vase
Early Royal DUX (DPM) Vase - DPM acorn Royal DUX vase triangle
Unknown Old Brushed Ware Bowl - brushed ware brushedware bowl
Pale Green White Pottery M-8 - White Pottery pale green
Strong Deco Vase by Mansfield - mansfield vase deco
White Deco Vase - Like Catalina (Shawnee?) - shawnee catalina vase deco
Arts and Crafts Flower Pot - Heager - geranium leaf arts and crafts flower pot
Henri Delcourt Deco Vase (Late 1920's) - henri henry delcourt french france vase deco
Rookwood Flower bowl 6545 1946 - rookwood 6545 flower bowl celadon
Server - Redwing Mid-Century Modern Designer
Hand Thrown - Burnished - Studio - Pit Fired Bowl - pit fired burnished studio bowl
Small Stoneware Designs West Bowl - SDW 224 stoneware bowl Designs West
Hull Stoneware Powder Blue Vase - Hull Stoneware vase blue cherries
Zanesville Stoneware Shape #95 Bowl - zanesville stoneware bowl turquoise #95
Unknown Art Deco Vase (like Muncie Rombic) - rombic numbered
Victorian Anchor Pottery Vase Trenton New Jersey - blue and white anchor trenton vase victorian
Yellow and Gray Drip Glaze Ewer - ewer drip flambe
Vase - Modern Matte Green - matte green matt vase
Vase - Like Hull Ebtide - vase ebtide hull
Matte Green Italian Two Handled Vase - italy vase two handles green
Rookwood art deco dual planter - rookwood art deco planter window box windowbox
Shawnee art pottery ewer - Shawnee art pottery ewer
McCoy lily flower vase - McCoy lily flower vase
Denbac art pottery ewer - Denbac art pottery ewer vase France French
Rookwood rose bowl/vase 1922 arts and crafts style - Rookwood rose bowl vase arts and crafts mission
Really Big Brushed Ware Arts and Crafts Jardiniere - brushed ware brushedware jardinere redwing weller
Robinson Ransbottom (not McCoy) late 1930s Oil Jar - Robinson Ransbottom Victoria Oil Jar McCoy art vellum
Stetson China Salt & Pepper shakers (not Eva Zeisel) - Stetson China Salt Pepper shakers Eva Zeisel Redwing Town Country
McCoy stoneware honey pot planter (jardiniere) - McCoy stoneware honey pot planter jardiniere jard
Brush McCoy vase c1940 HTF - The Brush Pottery Company McCoy 1940 vase
Brush McCoy art deco vase - Brush McCoy art deco vase onyx glaze crystalline
Zanesville pink art deco ewer - Zanesville pink art deco ewer
Abingdon red flower vase - Abingdon red flower vase art deco
Brush Pottery art deco window box planter - Brush Pottery art deco window box windowbox planter McCoy
Cowan Candleholders Set of 3 - Cowan candleholder candle holder candlestick
Frankoma flower vase Sapulpa pre-1980 clay - Frankoma flower bud vase Sapulpa pre-1980 clay
Hyalyn centerpiece bowl with candle holders - Hyalyn centerpiece bowl candleholder Eva Zeisel Russel Wright Briard Lax
Modern gunmetal studio bowl with oil spot glaze - Modern gunmetal studio bowl plant pot oil spot
12 inch Red Wing Jardiniere Underplate - Redwing Red Wing underplate brushed ware brushedware
Alkaline Glaze Storage Jar - Half Gallon Catawba? - Catawba Valley alkaline glaze jar storage
Classic Marked Nelson McCoy Oil Jar - nelson mccoy oil jar blue nm USA
Fake Roseville Fan Vase - fake roseville shape 52
Fake Roseville Moderne Vase 801-6? - fake fakes roseville moderne
Blue Stoneware Vase - matte matt blue uknown vase
Very Interesting Hand Carved Pillow Vase - hand carved unknown vase artmark
Interesting Hand Carved Vase - unknown blue white hand carved
Large Fleuron N. Tonawanda N.Y Vase - fleuron vase deco tonawanda
Village Bath Products, Inc. Collection - vb marked oval village bath
Unknown Potpourri - ginko potpourri matte green
Early? Spanish Polychrome Majolica/Maiolica Dish - majolica majolica spanish early talavera
White Pottery Co. Classic Fluted Vase - white shape number V4 vase
Zanesville Stoneware Shape #330 - Zanesville stoneware 330 vase
Zanesville Stoneware Shape #101 - shape 101 ZSC Zanesville vase
Latter Zanesville Stoneware Ribbed Vase - ZSC Zanesville Stoneware ribbed vase
Seven Falls Polychrome Swirl Bowl and Frog - seven falls swirl polychrome
Romanian Pottery Bowl - romanian bowl
Sebring Cubes Bud Vase - sebring cubes bud vase green
Studio Vase Redware - ash glaze vase
Large Morton - Cliftwood Pottery Vase - Large Morton Vase cliftwood
Modern Studio Ceramic - Japanese, Ceramic, Modernism.
McCoy Matte White Floraline Jardiniere - McCoy Floraline planter jardiniere matte white
Stoneware marked as shown below - Kri K marked K stoneware reduction glaze colorado
Unknown 2 Handled Vase - flambe drip vase unknown
Unknown Jug or Tea Pot - Signed - drip glaze incised gold tea pot jug
Buyer looking for Trenton Disk Vases - Trenton disk vase
Horse Figurine - majolica horse horses figurine
McCoy 1941 Deco Two Handle Vase - McCoy deco vase yellow
Large Hand Built Unknown Signed Yellow Vase - hand built vase ml 1938 wood fired
Large Unknown Vase - Unknown Vase Yellow redware
Beautiful Carillon (General Ceramics) Planter (maybe) - marked M planter
Small McCoy Jardiniere - green jardiniere McCoy
Small Stoneware Jug - handles vase jug stoneware small
Majolica Tobacco Jar (Early?) - tobacco jar monk majolica
Morton-Cliftwood Vase with Swirl or Spiral Design - swirl spiral vase small morton cliftwood
Classic Copper Raku Vase by James Klinger - james klinger raku klingerart.com vase
Oxblood over Celadon Vase - celadon oxblood vase
Art Pottery Catalogs - pottery catalog catalogs
Unknown Mark, Hand Thrown Pot - mottled handthrown studio pottery
Red Wing for RumRill Shape 302 - Red Wing Rum Rill Redwing RumRill 302
McCoy Cookie Jar - McCoy Cookie Jar 214
Michael Anderson & Sons Shallow Bowl - Michael Anderson & Sons Danish Modern Marianne Starck
Henri Delcourt Bottle Vase - henri henry delcourt deco bottle vase french
Peters and Reed Trumpet Vase - peter reed wilse blue trumpet vase
VERY LARGE Spanish/Mexican/Moorish PLATE? - Spanish/Mexican/Moorish/Portugese/Talavera PLATE?
Unknown Matte Green Vase - unknown matte green vase wheatley
Red Wing for RumRill #387 - rumrill rum rill red wing redwing 387 vase goldenrod
Henri Delcourt Handled Vase - henri delcourt vase french
Zanesville Stoneware Shape B3 - B3 zanesville stoneware
Tall Blue Flambe Vase - Carillon? - Tall unknown vase marked M
Fake Weller Orris Wall Pocket - fake weller orris wall pocket
19th Cen. Spanish Fajalauza Bowl - Granada - Spanish Fajalauza Bowl Granada Spain blue white
19th Cen. Spanish Polychrome Bowl - Granada - spanish granada polychrome bowl early
Unknown vase - rutile unknown vase
Zanesville Stoneware Flower Bowl #BA10 - ZSC Zanseville stoneware daffodil bowl
Blue Green and Gold Vase - blue green vase mid century
Spanish Albarello (Drug Jar) - albarello drug jar blue and white tin glazed
Unknown Maker Texas Commemorative Pitcher - Rumrill? - rumrill mccoy pitcher help texas 1936 commemorative centinnial
Tall vase Marked M - Carillon? - M marked carillon vas flambe blue
Tiny Matte Green Vase - Unknown - matte green vase red clay
Chinese Flambe Glaze Vase with Elephant Handles - elephant handle handled oxblood celadon
9" Rookwood Arts and Crafts Vase - rookwood arts crafts vase 2389 shape
Carillon Ware Vase. - carillon ware blue vase
Unknown Bird Jardiniere - unknown jardiniere blue bird
Rozane Line 10 inch Vase - rozane line vase
Van Briggle Twisted Leaf Bowl - Matte Black - van briggle matte black
WALL POCKET, ART DECO, possibly Peters & Reed - wallpocket wall pocket deco luster blue Peters Reed
VINTAGE PLANTER for AFRICAN VIOLET & BULBS - planter bowl African violets bulb forcing pot
ROSEVILLE DONATELLO CONSOLE BOWL 60-10 - Roseville Donatello Console Bowl
CAMARK MATTE GREEN WALLPOCKET 1930s - Camark wallpocket wall pocket matte green
ROSEVILLE FLORENTINE DOUBLE BUD VASE NO. 40-4.5 - Roseville Florentine Double Bud Vase
Old Wallpocket with Kingfisher on Water Lily - wallpocket wall pocket bird lily lotus
Classic blue and white Igezara Plate - igezara blue and white japanese
Late 19th Century Arita Bowl - arita japanese bowl blue and white