Only Clay Art Pottery

Only Clay is a website devoted to those that have an interest in art pottery. This includes those that collect and or buy and sell as well as those that create.

The site is not about modern, mass produced items, but rather pieces of pottery that have survived the gauntlet of time and those new pieces that carry with them a small part of their creator's soul.

If you sell on this site, you are expected to maintain the highest standards of ethics. By doing so buyers on this site will be willing to pay a premium for items listed.

If you are a buyer on this site, you are expected to treat sellers with the respect they deserve. They work hard to bring you a quality item.

In a nut shell: Buyers and Sellers are expected to treat each other as they would want to be treated.

The system allows up to three photos per item. It will auto scale and create a thumb nail for you. If you have problems uploading images, reduce the image size to around 1024 by 1024 pixels, and the system will handle it from there. Some image editing can be performed online so before you reload an image, use the edit product option first.

One of the beauties of the system is the ability for registered users to make comments on listed items. So if you think you can list fakes on this system and sell them to unsuspecting buyers, be aware, it will likely be questioned on line, and there is not going to be anything you can do about it, other than reply to the comment.

If you have a piece you need help identifying, or valuing, you can place it in the "For Discussion" area in Classifieds. This area is for "show and tell" and with any luck our registered users will help you out.

Unregistered Users can:

1. Browse Items
2. Contact Sellers
3. Search
4. Post comments on items in the Discussion Area (only)

Registered Users can:

1. All of the above
2. Post items to sell
3. Post items to Discussion Area
4. Post comments on all items
5. Use edit tools on their items
6. Receive notice of expiring items
7. Renew listings
8. Receive notice of any changes to their items
9. Provide profile information, including home page

Privacy Statement

This site uses cookies to remember your login information and keep you logged in until you log out. The only information required to register is name and email address. As mentioned in terms and conditions, registration is a verified process, so the email address must be valid. Any information provided is kept confidential. Your email address may from time to time, be used for system announcements, and will be used by the system to keep you informed of the status of your items. Your email will not be used for any other purpose.

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