Grading (Condition) Guidelines

Outstanding - An outstanding piece is as from the factory with the additional restriction that it has far less than expected factory flaws or no factory flaws. It is in unused condition. This grade will not include factory seconds. As it suggests, this grade will only include pieces which are outstanding examples of their kind.

Excellent - As from the factory. An average number of factory flaws are permitted. No chips, cracks or crazing. No stains, deposits or "rubs". A piece in excellent condition would be in unused condition.

Great - Near mint. No chips, cracks or crazing. May have minor stains, deposits or "rubs". Lightly used. A few, small, surface scratches would be acceptable. Excellent pieces with excessive factory flaws should be placed in this condtion.

Good - No chips or cracks. Light crazing is acceptable. Some surface scratches are acceptable. Small surface nicks are acceptable. Item has seen average use. Good repairs are acceptable.

Fair - Piece shows heavy wear. Some smaller rim chips and short, sound hairline cracks are acceptable.

Poor - Piece is basically offered for restoration purposes only. It has damage, and in its current condition may be of little value.

Grading pottery is difficult, even under ideal conditions. Often condition issues are overlooked for important pieces. It is always best to be overly critical of a piece's condition when selling it. Astute buyers will recognize this right away, and gain a level of confidence with the seller. Show any problem areas when possible. If you are unsure of how to rate a piece, post it to the Discussion area, and ask for help. Of couse you must provide good photos and detailed discription.