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Pickard China bud vase - Pickard China bud vase 1940 1950
Muncie Ruba Rhombic art deco vase matte white over blue - Muncie Ruba Rhombic Rombic art deco vase Reuben Haley matte white blue
McCoy Elephant Low Bowl - elephant low bowl mccoy
Carillon China (General Ceramics?) Vase - carillon general ceramics vase.
Zanesville Hand Thrown Shape B3 Vase - B3 zanesville vase
Zanesville Stoneware Flower Bowl - Zanesville Stoneware flower bowl yellow
Zanesville Stoneware Vase #230 - zanesville stoneware vase 230
Zanesville Stoneware vase Shape #8 - zanesville stoneware vorosa #8 vase
Unknown Pink Vase with Elephant Handles - elephant vase pink
12" Roseville Tuscany Vase - Roseville Tuscany pottery
Gort China Cabinet Vase - Gort vase porcelain
McCoy Rustic Line Wall Pocket - McCoy wall pocket rustic line
Stoneware Designs West Vase - modern mid century
Pacific Stoneware (Bennett Welsh) Vase - bennet welsh pacific stoneware
Zanesville Zasco Flower Bowl - zanesville stoneware zasco flower bowl
Tiny Oklahoma Made Flower pot, not Frankoma - Oklahoma pottery Chickasha Frankoma
Haeger Deco Bubble Vase - Haeger Deco Bubble Vase Pink
Trenton Pottery Vase? - Trenton blue vase
Unknown Art Deco Vase (like Muncie Rombic) - rombic numbered
McCoy lily flower vase - McCoy lily flower vase
Really Big Brushed Ware Arts and Crafts Jardiniere - brushed ware brushedware jardinere redwing weller
McCoy stoneware honey pot planter (jardiniere) - McCoy stoneware honey pot planter jardiniere jard
Brush McCoy vase c1940 HTF - The Brush Pottery Company McCoy 1940 vase
Abingdon red flower vase - Abingdon red flower vase art deco
12 inch Red Wing Jardiniere Underplate - Redwing Red Wing underplate brushed ware brushedware
Sebring Cubes Bud Vase - sebring cubes bud vase green
McCoy Matte White Floraline Jardiniere - McCoy Floraline planter jardiniere matte white
Zanesville Stoneware Shape B3 - B3 zanesville stoneware
Zanesville Stoneware Flower Bowl #BA10 - ZSC Zanseville stoneware daffodil bowl
WALL POCKET, ART DECO, possibly Peters & Reed - wallpocket wall pocket deco luster blue Peters Reed
ROSEVILLE DONATELLO CONSOLE BOWL 60-10 - Roseville Donatello Console Bowl
CAMARK MATTE GREEN WALL POCKET 1930s - Camark wallpocket wall pocket matte green
ROSEVILLE FLORENTINE DOUBLE BUD VASE NO. 40-4.5 - Roseville Florentine Double Bud Vase
Old Wall Pocket with Kingfisher on Water Lily - wallpocket wall pocket bird lily lotus
Classic blue and white Igezara Plate - igezara blue and white japanese
ROSEVILLE BUSHBERRY CORNUCOPIA 153-6 - Roseville Bushberry Cornucopia
ROSEVILLE CARNELIAN I WALLPOCKET NO. 1248-8 - Roseville Carnelian Wall Pocket